About Us

Adorn Purse & Co. was started in 2009 by accident. Tired of seeing the same handbags everywhere, our founder, Cindy, started buying single sample handbags from our now long-time designers. Originally buying handbags for herself, she was often asked “Where did you get your purse?” giving her the idea of starting a handbag company. With the unique styles, exceptional quality and affordable price, Adorn Purse & Co. was born.

As we are always on the look out for new amazing designers, we take the time to personally test the quality of the products. If a handbag can't withstand the use from us, we will not carry it. One of our core beliefs is with the technology of faux leather today, there is no reason to use real leather. That being said, all of our handbags are vegan.

Here is a little more information on our main designers:

Brangio Italy
Brangio Italy is based out of El Monte, California. They use a high-quality Italian material that their brand has become known for. We love their designs and the constant efforts they make to improve their products with every run. 

Bioworld is our go-to nerd company. Their designs are amazing for the many different fandoms that their products represent. Along with all their products being officially licensed, they are more than reasonably priced. 

Comeco Inc.
Comeco Inc. is one of our most fun brands. With their unique styles and designs, their products stand out among the rest.

Loungefly is one of the premiere contemporary accessory companies on the market. With their creative spin on almost every fandom, they have created the most unique following. Yes, we are an authorized retail for this amazing brand.